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Youth Theater - Murder 

Highlands Performing Arts Center

    Highlands Performing Arts Center’s Youth Theater Program is planning a murder, and they need the help of a team of courageous, clever, and good-hearted (though at least one of them will turn out to be a murderer) junior and senior high school students to carry it out.
     The program, in cooperation with Albert Carlton-Cashiers
Community Library, is staging “An Evening of Murder, Mystery & Dinner” on Friday, June 12. Using the Zoom platform and their best armchair detective skills, participants will be asked to solve a spine-chilling mystery while they share a meal (along with clues and gossip).
     “We’ll be starting at 7:00 P.M. and everyone will come onto the scene in character and in costume,” says program director and criminal mastermind Megan Greenlee Potts. “They’ll get a chance to use their dramatic skills and sharpen their talents for memorization and observation that we’ve been teaching in our theater arts classes. However, this is open to everyone, not just those who have participated in PAC Youth Theater productions and classes.”
     Ms. Greenlee-Potts says the mystery will probably take two to three hours, and participants must have access to a reliable streaming signal.
     Space is limited and will be available on a first-come/first-served basis. For information and reservations, call (828) 743-0215 or (828) 200-0889, or email or