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Sponsor a seat with a $1000 donation all at once OR you can make a contribution over time.   Please Call the PAC at 828 526 9047

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THANK YOU!..... Pat Allen, John Ludwig, Henry & Becky Wood, Kaye McHan, Lynleigh Erica, Jo Hill, Ruby Sander, Charlotte Pippen, Lynn DeVault, Jo and Jack Hill....

John Ludwig

Jo and Jack Hill

Highlands Performing Arts Center

501c.3    Tax ID 56-2155282

                          At the Center of this place, OUR PLACE….
…lies the
HIGHLANDS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (HPAC), a collection of sight, sound, light and joy. For over 20 years, this has been the magnet for both performers and audiences to gather together to sing and dance, inspire and applaud, perform and be amazed. And while its past has been so rewarding to us all, it is its future that will delight on an even grander, approachable and ownable scale.

                           A State-of-the-Art theater complex…
…of three theaters; with the centerpiece of this marvelous testimony to the unified spirit of Highlands being the beautiful 350-seat theater, the plans of which have been drawn, the land acquired, and construction begun.  Over 90% of the funding has been acquired and now we need the community to complete the goal and enable all of us to reach our dreams. By personally choosing and naming one or more of our 350 seats in our new Main Theater, or our special 85-seat Movie Theater, your $1000 donationyou will not only be part of history but even more importantly a part of our future.  We know the donation is significant, but it can be made in a one-time gift of $100 a month.  For each seat, you will be recognized with a named plaque and a donor reception will be help where we will applaud each and every one of you for your involvement and support.

Sponsor a Seat In the New Theater

                                       “I am emotionally connected!”

Whether I’m walking down our thriving Main Street or hiking one of our many trails, or attending a performance there is an energy and vibrancy to our amazing town. We are reminded of this прогулки на кораблике по Москве с ужином almost daily by both visitors and residents alike as they share in the wonder of this, our hidden jewel. You see, we are all connected here, whether we come from near or far because we are all drawn to its magic and its sense of community that lifts our spirits and enjoins our hearts’.

Kaye McHan

One Easy Step!!

Pat Allen

The New, State-of-the-Art and Expanded Performing Arts Center

THANK YOU!..... Jo Hill, Rebecca Wood, Ruby Sanders, Charlotte Pippin, Lynn DeVault, Mary Anna McClendon, Alexander Ross Wilkerson, Donna J. Fisher , Cheryl Berardi , Jeanie Mullen, Jimmy Youell, Stephanie Haas, Gail Taber, Deane Briggs, Paul Brock, Lee Lyons, Helen Steward, R Bob Smith IIIl....

Matthew Eberz

Lynleigh Erica

Highlands Performing Arts Center

Henry and Becky Wood