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Highlands Performing Arts Center

2016 Destiny and Tiffany, Irish  Folktales

            The 2017 Spring production will be The Frog Prince by Mamet.  Two school performances will be held for the students in the area and three performances open to the public on Friday & Saturday evening, April 28 & 29 and a Sunday matinee, April 30. 

            The Frog Prince: David Mamet turns his considerable talents to the age old children's story (Grimm Brothers) of the prince who is turned into a frog and must find a pure and honest woman to kiss him of her own free will. The old tale is given a decidedly contemporary sensibility that appeals to adults as well as to children.  Megan Potts, Director and the students will put their own “spin” to the old tale and bring it to a relevance for today’s society.

2014 Destiny and Tiffany, Irish  Folktales

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Megan Greenlee Potts
Artistic Director PAC Youth Theater

Youth Theater

Featuring students from Highlands School, Summit Charter, Blue Ridge and Home School the Youth Theater provides these young actors with an experience they never could have imagined.  These productions are "adult" theater in that they are provided a play that has been performed by "serious actors" and not a "child's play" where in which the actors have a few lines in a stage play with little backstage requirements.  These plays provide the youth students with training in all aspects of theater from acting to production to lighting to stage design and music.  These productions have everything that full-scale theater productions have except one thing, no adults.  The entire stage effort is by these young theater goers and the results of their efforts as can be seen in past performances has been superb.  This season will be guided once  by Megan Greenlee Potts.