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I don’t know just where to start. "THANK YOU” seems hardly sufficient.  Your virtual ticket purchases have not only allowed us to stay afloat financially, helped us keep food on the table for our Equinox Krewe, but you’ve helped us encourage and entertain literally more than 100,000 people over the last 6 weeks.  On behalf of our team, thank you for helping us keep the music alive.
On Monday, April 27th we’ll be going live again from NFS Ranch in Jacksonville.  We are so fortunate to partner with the fast growing subscription based company in the world BURST ORAL CARE.  They sell those fancy “sexy” toothbrushes.  They are dear friends and we produce most of their music for their commercial campaigns (Google Chrissy Teigen + Burst and you’ll see some of our work together). Monday’s show will be a truly world wide audience because of their partnership.  The BURST team will be picking the songs and all the donations will go to Direct Relief.  We are pretty excited about that.
Here’s the link to the show.  Please tune in and share the link on your FB page.  We’d love to have you along for our Monday Musical Cocktail Concert April 27th (8pm Eastern)!   Here’s the link:
Monday Musical Cocktail Concert with The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra and BURST in support of Direct Relief. PLEASE SHARE:
Thanks again to the Chris and the good people at Ghost Coast Distillery for helping us bring last weeks show to the masses. 

God bless yall,

Jeremy Davis

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