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Highlands Performing Arts Center

The goal of the PAC is to provide our community with the benefit of a first class, low cost facility for local non-profit organizations and to promote and encourage the performing arts. During the past two years, the PAC board began dreaming of a large theater to accommodate our popular concerts while addressing necessary updates to our existing facility.

Working with the current PAC resident groups, the Highlands Cashiers Chamber Music Festival and the Highlands Cashiers Players, the board also approached the Highlands Playhouse to explore the possibility of ALL highlands performing arts groups being able to perform under one roof. The answer was a resounding YES. It was decided that an expansion of PAC at its existing location was best for the community.

Plans include a new state of the art theater with seating for 320 to 350 people, a "black box" theater with seating for around 85 people as the venue for Playhouse movies along with a place for rehearsals, small lecture and live theater productions. Plans also include updates to the existing hall without impacting the wonderful acoustics. In addition, the new venues will be connected to each other and the existing OAC so patrons can move freely to each facility. The connecting lobby will be available for forties and meetings.

Our project totals $10 M, That total includes the building, land acquisition and $1.5M endowment to assist with future operating costs - in keeping with our mission to provide low-cost facility for the performing arts in our community. Response from our quiet capital campaign has been excellent. As a result of a generaous anonymous donor who pledged to match up to $5 M of the total project cost, we have raised two thirds of our target number. We have used some funds to acquire the necessary adjoining properties for this expansion. They will be used for additional PAC parking until the total project is funded. The PAC board will not begin construction of the new facility until the project is 100% funded.

We feel this project will take the performing art to a NEW level previously unimagined! We hope we can count on your support.


Rick Trevathan
ML Performing Arts Center 

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