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Highlands Performing Arts Center

Emeritus Board Board

Sanford Cohn

* New Members

** Newly Elected

Advisory Board

Wade Coleman

Jane Webb LaCagnina

Dec 22, 2017

The ML Performing Arts Center Board of Directors welcomes two new Board Members: Stiles Kellett and Lyle Nichols.

We wish to thank our outgoing Board Members, Sandy Barrow and 

Jane Webb LaCagnina for their many years of faithful and trusted service and devotion to PAC.

Congratulations to Nancy Harrison, newly elected Vice President
and Geri Coleman, newly elected Secretary.

Rick Trevathan, President

Nancy Harison, Vice President**

Sherry Holt, Treasurer

Geri Coleman, Secretary**

Gary Anderson
, Mike Campbell, Ruth Clairborne,

Cathy Crosby, Olivia Holt (Chamber Music),

Stiles Kellett*, Lyle Nichols*, Frank Oliver,

Margie Ruben, Faye Siegel. Adair Simon (HCP),

Brian Stiehler (Town of Highlands), Cindy Trevathan.

Artistic Director PAC Youth Theater

Megan Greenlee Potts

Executive Director

Mary Adair Trumbly

Board of Directors