Trip Advisor
Highlands Performing Arts Center

* New Members

** Newly Elected

Advisory Board

Wade Coleman

Brian Stiehler (Town of Highlands)

​Megan Greenlee Potts (Artistic Director PAC Youth Theater)

​Mary Adair Trumbly (Executive Director)

Rick Trevathan, President

Nancy Harison, Vice President

Frank Oliver, Treasurer**

Geri Coleman, Secretary

Greg Anderson
, Mike Campbell, Ruth Clairborne,

Cathy Crosby, Olivia Holt (Chamber Music),

Stiles Kellett*, Jane Webb LaCagnina, Lyle Nichols,

Margie Ruben, Faye Siegel. Adair Simon (HCP),

Cindy Trevathan, Beverly Wichman*,

Sanford Cohn (Emeritus)

Board of Directors