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Trip Advisor
Highlands Performing Arts Center
Lake street Drive
Social Distancing

Social Distancing Festival

September 28

Get a Laugh

The Vienna Boys Choir's World Tour...At Home. Sept 25, 1:00 PM

November 11

Music Monday

Comedy Workbreak. Every Wednesday at 12:30

Bruce Springsteen
Dustin Lynch
nugs TV

Join Highlands Chamber of Commerce on Facebook and Instagram on Mondays for #musicmondays

Bringing the music to you with free LIVE broadcasts by your favorite artists.  

Jon Cleary

Get a Laugh


Daily (Almost) 

Est time: 6:30 PM (Varies)

Every Monday

Escape from the living room

Everynight   7:30 PM

Quarantini concerts, piano lessons and the  true stories and jazz musicans of New Orleans.


“Broadway’s Living Room” would like to provide a moment in time and a space for our audiences to come together as a community. After hearing that so many people are suffering from isolation as a result of the social distancing guidelines, we have decided to gather our online community into a virtual room where we can enjoy performances, comment, and chat with each other.

Jon Cleary

Sing Along With Broadway

September 26

Sept 23

Live Streaming