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Highlands Performing Arts Center

I. Technical theater lab class

Description: This hands-on, lab style class will focus on the use of lighting and electrics in theater. In this class, students gain hands on experience in inventory upkeep, wiring, cleaning, maintenance, aligning the lamps with the mirrors inside the unit to get the best beam (bench focus), and electrical safety.  Students will have an opportunity to work on various technical theatre aspects for the acting class final presentation.

Class is limited to six students.

Dates: Saturday mornings, February - April

Time: 10:00am-11:20pm


II. Acting I Class

Description:  Students will study the acting techniques of Uta Hagen and apply those techniques thru monologues and scene work.  There will be a final presentation.

Class is limited to six students.

Dates:  Saturday mornings, February - April

Time:  8:30am-9:50am


III. HD Live Series

Description:  Students will attend broadcasts of plays from the National Theatre of London, operas from the Metropolitan Opera, and ballets from the Bolshoi Ballet.  Students may choose which shows they would like to attend. 

Students who would like to broaden and deepen their understanding of these shows, and who are willing to do some preparation in advance are invited to attend a group discussion following the show. Please indicate when signing up if you are interested in the group discussion. Maximum number of students in discussion is 12.

Time:  12:30

The PAC Youth Theater is excited to continue offering three programs for students – a technical theater class, an acting class, and the opportunity to attend HD Live performance broadcasts from the Bolshoi Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, and London’s National Theatre. 

All programs are offered at no charge, and are open to students in the 7th grade or higher.  All classes will be held at the Martin-Lipscomb Performing Arts Center (The Highlands PAC) in Highlands. 

Details about each program & how to sign up are provided below.

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