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Trip Advisor
Highlands Performing Arts Center

Youth Theater

O Sole Trio

This has been a truly spectacular year for PAC: “The Official Blues Brothers Revue”, “An Evening with Danny Kaye,” “Tapestry: Tribute to Carol King,” “O Sole Trio, Bravissimo Broadway,” “One Night in Memphis,” “Christmas with the Nelsons,” as well as …… 
           . National Theatre Live and MET, 

                 . the Highlands Cashiers Players,

                      . the Highlands Cashiers Chamber Music Festival, and

                           .the PAC Youth Theater,
have rocked the stage with their talent, enthusiasm and have made Highlands PAC a center of excellence. 

Blues Brothers

Please help us by sending in your gift today. PAC is a 501(c)(3), not for profit corporation and your contributions are tax deductible. We truly appreciate your generosity and are looking forward to seeing you in your seats for the 2019 season. 

One Night in Memphis

All of these remarkable events require underwriters, membership sponsors, grants and year-end-gifts for us to bring them to you. Without them, it would be impossible. 

Tapestry, Carol King

Save the Arts

Youth Theater
National Theater Live
MET Opera