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The Bolshoi Ballet

at the PAC

In a seaside town where business and mafia are flourishing, The Golden Age cabaret is the favorite nightly haunt of dancers, bandits and young revelers, where the young fisherman Boris falls in love with Rita, a beautiful dancer, but also a friend of a local gangster....

Live via Satellite, shown on our large theater screen.

The Bright Stream

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor

During harvest festival at a collective farm, a visiting dance troupe reunites a ballerina with her childhood friend Zina. In order to teach her unfaithful husband a lesson, Zina the ballerina and the ballerina’s husband decide to swap roles for the evening..magnificently.

Alexei Ratmansky invokes the genius of  Shostakovich’s score at the Bolshoi, creating a laugh out loud masterpiece with its bits of slapstick comedy, hilarious deceptions, false identities including Principal Dancer Ruslan Skvortsov dressed as Sylph and its many colorful characters. The Bolshoi bursts with vivid life and bright spirits in Ratmansky’s brilliantly choreographed smash.

Music: Dmitri Shotakovich

Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky

Libertto: Adrian Piotrovsky and Fyodor Lopukhov

Cast: Sveltlana Lunkina (zina), Mikhail Lobukhin (Pyotr), Maria Alexandrova (the Ballerina), Ruslan Skvortsov (he Ballet Dancer), Denis Savin (the Accordionist), Alexei Loparevich (the Old Dacha Dweller)


November 6,  2016  12:55 pm

Ticket prices:  
Members (MET and PAC) $19
Student: $12  
General Admission: $22