BE PART OF THE PERFORMING ARTS IN HIGHLANDS!!  The PAC Board of Directors continues to make plans on improving the entertainment talent and the facility but we need patrons to give their time & support to ensure the success of your civic institution.

Ponder how marvelous it is to experience the Metropolitan Opera, famous Blue Grass bands, top name performers ("Elvis", Drifters), stage plays, chamber music, & the Bolshoi Ballet....right here in Highlands, North Carolina.  Where else can you get the quality performances, along with the ease of access, than at your Performing Arts Center?  Also, know that PAC is fostering the next generation of art patrons by sponsoring the PAC Youth Theater!

 Mary Adair, Executive Director, is the energy that makes PAC possible.  She has great connections in the performing arts in New York City and the region & is the conduit that enables us to have the finest performances!   Visit her.  Your appreciation for the Performing Arts will blossom!

Bring your friends & family PAC.  It will enrich your life! !

Marc Pittman  
ML Performing Arts Center 

Letter From The President