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Highlands Performing Arts Center
Espanding Highlands Performing Arts Center
Expanded Highlands Performing Arts Ceter
Expanded Highlands PErforming Arts Center

We still have a way to go so please contribute to the Expanded Performing Arts Center by contacting our Executive Director Mary Adair Trumbly at 828.526.9047

The Martin Lipscomb Performing Arts Center (“PAC”) announced an expansion of the center at The Hit Men 2.0 GALA on Saturday, June 17th at Highlands Falls Country Club.    About two years ago at a board retreat, members began dreaming of a larger theater to accommodate their popular concerts along with necessary updates to the existing facility. Working with the current PAC resident groups, the Highlands Cashiers Chamber Music Festival and the Highlands Cashiers Players, the board also approached The Highlands Playhouse to explore the possibility of all of Highlands’ performing arts groups being able to perform in one, premier facility. Their answer-a resounding YES!  Now all of the performing arts will be under one roof.

Board members began visiting other theaters in the region to investigate what works, what is needed, what doesn’t work and how to improve the performing arts on the plateau.  After a great deal of research it was determined that expansion of the PAC at its’ existing location was the most cost effective and also provided the best location for access by the community.  Architectural drawings were created and the necessary adjoining properties acquired. As a result of a generous anonymous donor who pledged to match up to $5 M of the $10 M project cost, underwriting is at seventy percent.  The PAC Board will not begin construction until the project is 100% funded.  The project cost includes an endowment to help offset operating costs.

Plans include a state of the art theater with a fly system, a cat walk for lighting and sound and seating for 320-350.  It will also house a “black box” theater seating 75-100. This intimate theater will be the venue in which the Playhouse will show movies. It will also be used as a rehearsal space, a lecture hall and a venue for smaller live theater productions.  The new venues will be connected to each other and the existing PAC so that patrons can freely move to each facility.  The connecting lobby space will be available for parties and meetings. The new complex will take the performing arts to a NEW level previously unimagined! 

For more information please call: 828.526.9047.  Come join in and be a part of a new era for the Highlands Cashiers plateau. 

Expanded Highlands Performing Arts Center

The Expanded PAC

Expanded Highlands Performing Arts Center
The New Highlands Performing Arts Center